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First ever marketplace where NFTs can be bought, traded, and redeemed for real world assets!

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First ever marketplace where NFTs can be bought, traded, and redeemed for real world assets!


Asset backed NFTs

Boui will be a place to discover and purchase from a curated selection of non-fungible token (NFT) digital assets providing ownership rights to physical goods/collectibles from established & reputable vendors. Collectors gain access, community, selling abilities and more from a Web 3 enabled marketplace leveraging blockchain technology.

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Token Details

• UniCrypt ENMT Token

• No mint function
• No admin keys
• No unsafe code
• Fully ERC20 compliant
• Fully decentralized
• Limited Quantity 
• 11 Million tokens will ever exist!
• Sharing earnings with holders.
• A portion of every transaction goes to stakers. The more you stake, the more you earn. Easy.
• Use Boui token on the marketplace to purchase exclusive NFTS
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The Marketplace

Boui Marketplace will mint NFT’s to purchase ownership rights to collectibles from your favorite vendors. These NFT collections use NFT art created by artists; eye opening photographers and even musicians all collaborating with Boui on unique pieces and linked to a uniquely curated assortment of luxury items and collectibles. You can choose to redeem or “burn” your NFT token in order to have it priority mailed to you, or “Boui” your NFT to relist your NFT for sale on our marketplace.

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Real world integration

Buying and selling on our Web3 marketplace all happens from the convenience of your cellphone, iPad, Chromebook or laptop at our online marketplace and future Metaverse storefront. Purchases happen on the blockchaine, with full proof of ownership that provides. Share your NFT purchases within our community spaces, via your personal social medial inks and also network with fellow Boui token holders and artists at in-person community only events planned all around the globe starting 2023!


Will you “Burn or Boui?”

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What is “Boui”?

Boui will mint NFT’s leveraging artistic communities and artists. Art created by painters, graphic artist, talented musicians and legendary photographers all collaborating with Boui to provide “collections” for their art.

These NFT collections will be used as the NFT art and linked to only the most uniquely curated assortment of luxury items and collectibles available anywhere! You can redeem or “burn” your NFT token in order to have it priority mailed to you, or “Boui” your NFT to relist your NFT for sale whenever wish and YOU decide the price!

Latest from the team:

The future Boui Marketplace is actually built and under Beta testing. We have been busy meeting with our long list of vendors and getting them ready and aligned for onboarding onto the Boui marketplace in Spring of 2023.

We plan to kick-off the marketplace by first catering to collectible film photography cameras, rare lenses, hard to find watches and even precious gems. Yes, gems, those shiny things we value so highly all around the world. After, we’ll delve into many more types of collectibles and who knows, even car sales and homes?

This and more is completely possible within the near future.



Features & Tokenomics

Feature one

Top Boui Marketplace features

• Regulated entity incorporated in the United States.
• Curated and unique selection of non-fungible token (NFT) digital assets provide ownership rights to to physical collectibles, sold on behalf of established & reputable vendors.
• Physical storage of your collectibles included with NFT ownership
• Resell your NFT’s on our secure Web3 marketplace.
• Metaverse storefront coming late 2023.


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Feature two

Boui so you can relist our NFTs

Our unique NFTs provide the NFT holder ownership rights to the item its been minted against, forever linked. This unique function adding financial stability for the value of our NFT over regular digital only tokens.

Every NFT gives the owner the option to store your physical asset at one of our secure and insured climate controlled storage facilities around the United States; free. Also at your request,  items are shipped promptly to you with a simple click from your user account on our marketplace. It couldn’t get any easier to start collecting, reselling or enjoying your new collectible!

Feature three

Exclusivity with staking

Buying Boui tokens means you have options.

First, you should Stake the tokens for a piece of every sales fee charged on every transaction made on the marketplace. The more you stake the more you earn!

Second, choose to use Boui tokens on exclusive NFT drops offered only in exchange for Boui on our marketplace.

Third, access events and opportunities unavailable to non-Hodlrs; be part of an exclusive community!

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Purchasing NFT’s from our Metaverse store means all NFT come with a complimentary 3D render of the item bought. Yep. You own it in real-life AND in the Metaverse all tied together with proof of ownership on the blockchain. BOOM!


We will be the bridge to the Metaverse by early 2023

Fast phased approach with Successful BETA already completed

ILO launch will provide funding for marketplace site development with increased security controls and  developing artist partnerships and community building.

Dividends for Boui token staking to happen after ILO as part of Phase 3. Phase 4 is where we officially launch our Metaverse store, a place where all NFT purchased come with a 3D render for use in the Metaverse.

Our First Annual Party in by mid 2023 for any NFT token Hodlrs and stakers. More community events and projects in the works but still under wraps… there is soo much exciting news to share. Soon…

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Friends & Future Partners

A good reputation is more valuable than money

Leica Store
KEH Camera
Camera West
Visitor Cameras
Shoot Film Co.
Retro Photo Reading
Ten Eleven Nine
Beer & Cameras

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Work hard, dream harder

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Xavier Martinez

Our crypto consultant and lead, he is Crypto Mars on Twitter, Crypto advocate since 2016. Asset back NFT’s are the future for sales, and Boui will get us there.


Carlos Martinez

Founder of worldwide photography community, Beers And Cameras, he’s bringing his photo friends to the Boui party. “Why cant NFT’s be tied to physical assets?” The question that started it all.


Joe Rowland

Serial entrepreneur and multi-million dollar litigation firm owner he knows where the future is headed, and is fully invested in seeing Boui succeed.

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